Female members of AAFS are drastically outnumbered by their male counterparts and Girls Club provides a way for young women in the ASD community to stick together and grow together. Girls Club creates a unique opportunity for female members of the organization to meet friends and foster strong social networks with the fellow women of AAFS.

Every month we have a couple of activities which are specifically geared towards our female members, and the activity is facilitated only by female staff. It provides the youth with a girls-oriented atmosphere, and the opportunity to make friends with female peers. Because we do not have many female members, there is no age restriction on who can join the girls club activities.

Girls Club is yet another program that is fueled by the ideas and creativity of the members themselves. If you've heard about a fun activity or social event that we should know of, never hesitate to share!

Program Coordinator: Anaïk Maeseele

Contact: (403) 246-7383 or anaik@aafscalgary.com

The AAFS Clubhouse - 7220-D Fairmount Drive SE, T2H 0X7, Calgary, AB

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